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Cisco Networking Academy since 2012

Cisco Networking Academy — an educational organization founded by the corporation in 1997, initially involving 64 educational institutions in the USA, and currently operating in 165 countries worldwide.

Our goal is to prepare highly skilled professionals in the field of information technology, to give young, talented, and ambitious individuals the opportunity to find their place in life by mastering one of the most prestigious and in-demand professions in the IT sector.

What is Cisco Academy?

The materials provided by Cisco are cutting-edge from the perspective of student learning psychology — by engaging in interactive tasks, laboratory work, and viewing high-quality video materials, participants immerse themselves in the exciting world of information technology. The content is structured to inspire students, capture their imagination, and at the same time, motivate them to tackle challenging tasks. This, in turn, leads to the primary outcome — an individual becomes a professional who loves their job and is inspired by it.

The most prestigious certification in the world of information technology.

After completing the Academy’s courses, a participant possesses a comprehensive body of knowledge and skills sufficient to pass the CCNA (Certified Cisco Network Associate) and CCNP (Certified Cisco Network Professional) certifications. This certification is de facto considered a standard in the field of telecommunications and IT at large. Employers worldwide prefer specialists with Cisco certifications, often regardless of your primary education. An international certificate of such level as the CCNP is today a guarantee of your employment.


Cisco Academy

Choose a course that matches your level of preparation

At the Cisco Academy, courses have been developed for learners with various levels of preparation. The IT Essentials course is suitable for those starting their career in IT and for high school students, the CCNA Routing & Switching course is designed for those who have completed the IT Essentials program or have some experience, and finally, the CCNP course is aimed at advancing the qualifications of professionals.

Choose a course

1. Introduction to Networks - Introduction to Networking Technologies (70 hours)

  • Studying the architecture, functions, components of the Internet and computer networks
  • Principles of IP addressing
  • Basics of Ethernet networks
  • Creating a small network
  • Basic configuration of switches and routers
  • Developing an IP addressing scheme
2. Routing & Switching Essentials - Fundamentals of Routing and Switching (70 hours)

  • Switching technologies
  • Virtual Local Area Networks
  • Configuring and troubleshooting small networks
  • Basic concepts of routing (Inter-VLAN Routing, OSPF)
  • Dynamic addressing IPv6, IPv4
3. Scaling Networks - Scaling Networks (70 hours)

  • Principles of building complex networks
  • Configuring DHCP, DNS
  • Examining the STP protocol
  • Routing configuration in complex networks IPv4, IPv6
  • In-depth study of EIGRP, OSPF, RIP
  • Licensing of Cisco IOS OS
4. Connecting Networks - Connecting Networks (70 hours)

  • Advantages of Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Technologies of distributed networks (WAN)
  • Configuring data transmission encryption IPSec
  • Examining the "Borderless Network" architecture and data center networks

* The course fee includes the provision of study materials online, examinations, performance monitoring, and unlimited access to equipment stands.
Additional instructor consultations are charged separately.

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